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fantasy Premier League match day 1

fantasy Premier League match day 1

With the 2020-21 Fantasy Premier League season kicking off this week, it’s time to pick your teams. We know the players, the prices and the fixtures; it’s now time to make the decisions. Down here is a deep analysis of players to keep and players not to keep in the FPL. With some terminologies used, you check can the meaning of the words here. Words such as enablers, differentials and the essentials and how they matter in team selection.

Fulham vs Arsenal being the first fixture.

Arsenal have face Fulham 28 times in the Premier League winning 20, drawing 5 and losing just 3 matches.The last two recent meetings between the two clubs Arsenal have beaten them With score line of 4-1 and 5-1With aubameyang and lacazette having massive performance against them. Arsenal have lost only one match in their last five matches beating Liverpool , Manchester City, Chelsea. With Aubameyang being on the score sheet in all the 4 matches Arsenal won. An essential players who accumulated 200+ points last season and 44 League goals in last two seasons.Fulham have lost their last two opening day matches. Being the newly promoted club, they won their last play offs match scoring two goals by their fullback Byran and the scoring impact of their striker, Mitrovic who scored 26 goals in least appearance and being the highest goal scorer.


Essential: Aubameyang- available at £12M, second highest goal scorer last season, owned by 46% of manger it’s a no brainier to have him in board.

Differential: Tierney – Owned by 11.5 percent, most offensive fullback in Arsenal available at £5.5m

Enabler: Saka- one goal and five assist from play as a fullback, could be a big performer as he plays upfront this season available at at 5.5

Arsenal next 3 fixtures shows to keep their players


Essential: Mitrovic- scored 26 goals in Championship, highest goal scorer

Differential: Bryan- fullback who assisted 7 goals and and scored 3 goals owned by just 1.2% and available at the price of £5.0>

Enabler: Cairney- attacking Midfielder with 8 goals and 3 assist would be worth keeping eye out for with ownership percentage of 0.4%

fantasy premier league Overall selection: Aubameyang, Mitrovic

Fulham fixture showing their could be big return after gameweek 1

Crystal palace vs Southampton

Crystal palace have won just three of all their fixtures against Southampton and Southampton winning all their last 3 away matches against Southampton.After a stunning season for Danny ings in the 19/20. There’s a high chance he put up big performance up stage this season after scoring 22goals last season.Jordan Ayew being crystal palace highest goal scorer scoring 9 Goals and 3 assist with the cheap price tag could be a good team complementary.


Essential: Ings- scoring 22 goals and ranking 190+ points and most clinical with that number of goals scored. Owned by 25.3% and available at £8.5

Differential: McCarthy goal keeper with high saves percentage and 100+ point would be a good one to keep eyes on. With the cheap price of £4.5 and owned by 21.3%

Enabler: Benadrek- for a player who starts week in week out. Wouldn’t be bad complementary after 7 clean sheet run last season and 84 accumulated points.owned by 3.5% and price of £4.5

Southampton would be up to big tasks after first game week


Essential: Ayew- a starting forward with 10+ goals contribution would be a good option on the team for the price of £6.0 and 7.3% owned

Differential: Eze- The new youngster with over 20 goals contribution will be se to make his debut season. Available at the of £6.0 and ownership percentage of 0.8%

Enabler: Mitchell- potential starter after injury of van Aanholt with a cheap price of £4.0 and 11.5% ownership percentage.

fantasy premier league Overall selection: Ings, McCarthy

Crystal palace aren’t favourites in first two game weeks

Westham Vs Newcastle

Newcastle have scored two goals in their last 5 premier league game against Newcastle and Newcastle have only one out of the last three meetings. With Michial Antonio post lockdown he could be set to score more goals After scoring 6 goals in last 3 matches.Newcastle have won 9 premier league away game against Westham. Saint Maxim not being on his best for his debut season, however he has showed more flair and ability to make big performance.


Essential: Antonio- consistent post lockdown form and score streak available for £6.5 and 11.6% ownership percentage.

Differential: Bowen- the midfielder who scored 22 goals for Hull City and join in January having one goal and four assists could look more to thriving in the Premier League. Owned by 1.0% and price of £6.5

Enabler: Noble- the second highest goal scorer in West Ham who is also on penalty duties available at £5.0 and 1.7% owned

Possibly rough game week ahead of them, keep minimal players from the team


Essential: Saint Maxim- his in playing shows a big potential and high possible performance. Owned by 21% and price of £5.5

Differential: Almiron-Newcastle highest goal scoring midfielder potentially will have more assist as the complete the recruiting of Callum Wilson. Available for £6.0 and owned by 0.8%

Enabler: Dubravka- having 100+ cleansheet last season and over 100 points accumulated could be up for another consistent performance. Owned by 4% and £5.0.

fantasy premier league Overall selection: Saint Maxim, Antonio

Fixtures showing possible good performance

Liverpool vs Leeds

The premier league champions set to hold their ground of not losing any match of last 7 opening days. With Liverpool Lethal and multifaceted angle of attack they can totally counter all forms of threat from opposition and break opponent defense. Robertson, Alexander-arnold, Salah and Mane being the biggest threat of the team. However bamford the Leeds striker who scored 16 goals in Championship could also pose a big threat to the premier league Champions.


Essential: Trent Alexander-arnold- top rated with best defensive assets and most offensive fullback ranking up to second highest assist and to chance creator- owned by 55% and costs £7.5

Differential: Mane- high class consistent performance owned by 13.7 percent and cost £12

Enabler: Brewster- cheap youngster a piece to Complete your team. Owned by 6.4% and price of £4.5

Liverpool aren’t the favorite with fixtures but the top class always perform hugely.


Essential : Bamford- leeds highest goal scorer will definitely score when he’s given the chance. Price £5.5 ownership £4.5

Differential: Dallas-an attacking full-back who scored three goals and assisted five could be up for such performance in the Premier League also. Price £5.5 owned by 1.8%

Enabler: Meslierg-the goalkeeper who took his starting position post lockdown could be a starting one presently. Price £4.5 owned by 2.4%

fantasy premier league Overall selection: Bamford, Trent Alexander Arnold

Avoid Leeds defenders in First 3game weeks

Westbrom Vs Leicester

Westbrom have lost their last four premier league fixture against leiciester and both teams have lost six opening match in past season with westbrom winning their last two. However Jaime vardy could set on another Golden boot race after winning it season. With outstanding performance of pereira for westbrom in Championship, the Midfielder acquired 8 goals and 20 assist, it would be an advantage to have such big performer in team.


Essential: Pereira-the Brazilian who clutched eight goals and 20 assists in the championship who will be up to take more challenges in the premier league with the cheap price of £6.0 and 36% owned.

Differential: Austin – excluding in fear of rotation with robson-kanu the forward has averaged 0.6 goal ratio per 90 minutes a good Differential option with the price of £5.5 and 1.7% owned.

Enabler: Leko- Young versatile winger who had 9 goals contributions in the championship last season.

Not favourite fixture for them don’t keep them as a starter


Essential: Vardy-the highest goal scorer last season with 10 to chase the Golden boot again

Differential: Barnes- the young winger having his best season and contributing over 10 goals. Price of £7.5 and owned by 3.5%

Enabler: Justin- high possibility for the young full-back to play after they sold Ben Chilwell and his availability at a low price makes it a good prospect. Price £4.5 owned by 10%

fantasy premier league Overall selection: Vardy , Pereira

Vardy is the best player to bank on

Tottenham vs Everton

Spurs are unbeaten in their last 15 premier league against Everton winning 8 and drawing 7 matches. How ever with new reinforcement in the Everton team, they could be up to turn it around.


Essential: Son- the Korean winger will look up to utilising his pace and clinical finishing against simple fixtures he is up to. Owned by 29.6% price £9.0

Differential: Doherty- one of the most offensive full backs who is ready to score and make assist will definitely thrive in an attacking team like Tottenham. Price £6.0 and 26.4% owned

Enabler: Davis nothing much to offer but definitely with clean sheets and easy fixtures the defender will thrive. Price £5.0 and 2.4% owned

Keep two spurs player at least


Essential: Richarlison-scoring over ten goals last season and the youngster will look to do more in the Premier League this season after introduction of creative midfielders in the team. price £8.0 owned by 10.8%

Differential: Digne- the fullback who takes the set piece could provide more assist and give clean sheets also. Price £6.0 Owned by 7.2%

Enabler: Branthwaite-not a starter but definitely could play in the long run if the full backs get injured a piece to complete your team. Price £4.0 owned by 4.7%

Let their players be on your watch list

Overall: Son and Richarlison

Brighton vs chelsea

Brighton have only salvaged one point out of their last six meeting with Chelsea. And losing all their remaining matches and Conceding 6goals In last 3 meetings.Timo Werner who signed up for chelsea after scoring 28 League goals for RB Lepizig will look up to bigger performance in the premier league and look up to score a close tally in his First campaign


Essential: Werner-scoring 34 goals overall last season and will look up to do closely the same thing in Chelsea price £9.5 owned by 48.3%

Differential: Kai Havertz the versatile midfielder who has the ability to create space and give out assist and also score. Price £8.5 owned by 12.1%

Enabler- Reece James- the young player known for his accurate crosses into the box will be up to make more assist after having a clinical striker up front. price £5.5 and owned by 4.4%


Essential: Maupay- scored ten goals and three assists in the Premier League last season Frenchman will look up to do more this season price £6.5 and and owned by 2.6%

Differential: veltman-a little price for the Dutchman who just arrive and could settle replace Duffy. Price £4.5 owned by 0.5%

Enabler: lamptey- the 19 years old with the ability to make play offensively will look up to get get more game time in the team. Price £4.5 owned by 4.4%

Overall: Timo Werner and Tariq lamptey

Sheffield vs wolves

Sheffield have lost only two of their last thirteen games against wolves. And not losing an opening game match in their history. However wolves haven’t lost an opening day match in last four seasons.Both team with strong defensive tactics could thrive on that factor. Jimenez the key player for wolves who scored 17 goals will also be looking to start up bright. Sheffield holding strong Defensive record last seasonHaving 13 premier league clean sheets will look to keep the Defense record as the defense man Egan stars


Essential: Egan- the cheapest centre-back option who can also score and provide clean sheets. £5.0 and 17% owned

Differential: Berge- a cheaper option to lundstram and also £5.0 and 0.2%owned

Enabler:Ramsdale- with tight defence of Sheffield United the keeper will thrive. £5.0 and 8.2% owned

keep Sheffield players


Essential: Jimenez- after scoring 17 goals last season the stiker will look up to more tally this season. £8.5 and 19% ownership

Differential: Traore- there is no more eye-catching offer than having adama traore for price of £6.5 with 20% owned

Enabler: Vinagre- the defender could be the potential replacement to injured Jonny. £4.5 and 12.5% owned

stay away from those defenders

fantasy premier league Overall selection: Jimenez , Egan

NOTE: IN GW1 Manchester City, Manchester United, Burnley and Aston Villa won’t be having any fixture (advised to have minimum players from the named club)

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