October 19, 2020




Andrea Pirlo takes off Gonzalo Higuain and Sami Khedira

Gonzalo Higuain and Sami Khedira out of Juventus already

Andrea Pirlo has terminated Gonzalo Higuain and Sami Khedira contract counting 3 players out of the team already.
The new Juventus manager Andrea pirlo take players off the team as he starts up a new project to strengthen the team. Two weeks being announced the manager, the club legend and world cup winner has gotten rid of three players. Juventus have sold off world cup winner Blaise Matuidi to Inter Miami and terminated Gonzalo Higuain and Sami Khedira contract. Andrea Pirlo was announced as the new Juventus is coach after Maurizio Sarri was sacked. The board sack Maurizio sarri after he made a conflicting statement after Juventus was knocked out of the Champions League by Lyon on a 2-2 loss on aggregate. Sarri has been under suspicion after he lost coppa-Italia final to Napoli in June. Despite winning a title Maurizio Sarri has the worse record of point accumulated in last nine title winning season finishing with just one point above Inter Milan this season.

After Matuidi deal with Inter Miami completed for free, Juventus have decided also to terminate contracts of Higuain and Khedira. They’re out of the Pirlo project.

Talks on to find an agreement on the payout (both have still 1 year contract left with Juve). ⚪️⚫️ #transfers #Juve

Fabrizio Romano via Twitter

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