October 27, 2020




Thiago silva could make a premier league move as contracts ends next month[Rumour].

Thiago Silva has been heavily linked with Chelsea as his contract ended with PSG. Silva who has been at the French side for eight years now looks for a new challenge with the Blues. But will the acquisition of the Brazilian the solution to their defensive frailties?

Defensive abilities

The 35-year-old has been consistent at the back for PSG and won seven trophies with his time at the club. This year’s finalist in the Champions League, the Brazilian was a stalwart for his team throughout the competition. Averaging 1.3 tackles per game and 4.3 clearance per game, he was a monster for the French side at the back. His performance catapulted his team to the final for the first time in their history. His transfer to Chelsea will bring a steadiness at the defense, as he has shown it over the years

Leadership qualities

The Brazilian has been the captain for PSG for over five years and has to lead the team to a fleet of trophies. Chelsea acquiring him will give them a leader not only at the back but all over the pitch


Playing over 10 years of competitive football will be the most experienced of all Chelsea’s defenders. Chelsea possesses a lot of young defenders in their team, which gives room for silly mistakes. With the acquisition of Thiago Silva, more experience will be brought into the backline


Chelsea have no doubt seen a quality addition in their team, but Thiago Silva can only offer them one solid season. The pace of the Premier League might just be too much for him to handle, but his experience will come through. Although Chelsea should still look for a younger defender that will steady their defense on a long run

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