April 16, 2021




Messi wants to leave Barcelona

Messi angry, he’s disappointed with the club and wants to leave after he suffered a season without no title and biggest loss in their club history to Bayern munich in champions league. Barcelona has suffer several disgrace in Europe and they get knocked out of champions league in the last 4 years when they lost to AS Roma after winning first leg at Camp nou with a similar reoccuring event happening to them when they faced Liverpool last year also before the Germans came to completely shut them down in Europe with one of the biggest win for them and biggest loss for Barcelona in their club history and Messi wants out after making some statement implying that he wants to leave

”Messi at the beginning of the season said in an interview for sport in Barcelona that it was important for him not a big contract or big amount of money, but what it was important for him[to have] a solid and strong project, and Barcelona ends the season without any title with that loss to bayern(8-2), biggest loss in their club history. He still have three or four years at a good level and he thinkings that here in barcelona can help alot, because he always do, but barcelona cannot. So Messi alway thinking, he always thought that he and barcelona was just one thing and now he’s thinking maybe he can be another thing without barcelona he can make another step and try to win without Barcelona because Barcelona will not help him win. Messi is angry with the board, the Barcelona board, Messi is dissappointed with the club and he wants to leave now. The person that told me that is inside the club, so the club already know it and they are very perssimistic that he will stay because Barcelona can’t offer to match a strong and solid project right now. The new season starts in four weeks and they can’t do much to help him.”

Marcelo benechler reports for B/R football via twitter

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