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The Fantasy Premier League is a league where participants (managers) test their ability by selecting imaginary team of real life footballers and score points based on those players’ actual statistical performance. The fantasy premier league is for players in Premier league.

When you play Fantasy Premier League your ranking is determined by points earned by your selected players. Selected players earn points by:

Goal- point for all players

Assist – point for all players

Cleansheet- Goalkeeper and defenders


The fantasy premier league is for players in Premier league

You must have line up of 11 players and 4 substitution including a goal keeper

A budget of £100M to buy players for your team.

The player the captain gets double points of his performance factor

Centre back and fullbacks belongs to the Defense position

Midfielders and wingers belongs to Midfield position

Striker position only belongs to number CF/ST

You play to attain the highest point amongst other competitor.

You can’t select more than 3 players from one team.

You can only make one free tansfer per game week make, if more than one you get -4 points except you save your free transfer up to the maximum (2).

You get to use power ups which include

wildcard: Allows you to change your team permanently without costing your earned point.

Free hit: Allows you to change your team for the one game week without costing your earned point and returning back to default after the game week.

Bench boost: adds point of players on your bench(substitutes) to your normal point

Sign up for fantasy premier league here: https://fantasy.premierleague.com/

Join artymetry mini-league here:http://fantasy.premierleague.com/leagues/auto-join/r0jly1

League code: r0jly1

After required knowledge with the basics we consider team selectionFactors to consider for team selection:Fixtures:

The fantasy premier league rate fixture difficulty with colours showing the difficulty

Green : Easy

Red : hard

Gray : medium

Always consider the factor to know who to keep on long term and short term (3 game weeks above and 1 game week) respectively

Statistical consistency:This are players/ team who are known for their consistent performance against opponents with their unchanging nature over time.

Order of players selection:

The Differential: These are players own by few percentage of people and could deem out big performance.

The enabler: These are cheap starting players that could help complete your team squad.

The Essential: theses are the big performers and players that delivers high points week in and out consistently.

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